Effluent from the “WaterPaq” complies with the toughest international regulations for direct discharge. Alternatively the container can be customized in order to produce water for re-use purposes, such as washing, cooling or irrigation.

The “WaterPaq” is ideally suited for operation at remote locations, even in environmentally sensitive landscapes such as environmental protection zones. Operators of our system benefit from the following key features:

  • Savings of discharge fees/ fresh water expenses

  • Ideally suited for high total suspended and dissolved solids (TSS and TDS)

  • Service is flexible with regard to fluctuations to inlet volume as well as TDS and TSS

  • Easily scalable technology

  • Skid mounted and/or containerized solution for mobile use (CSC certified shippable containers)

  • Eliminates bacteria and most of the viruses

  • The membranes are positioned outside of the bioreactor for ease of handling and serviceability

  • Small footprint

  • Suitable for harsh climate environments due to specific insulation: operational at temperatures between -45°C and +50°C

  • Remote operation, surveillance and troubleshooting

  • Short lead time

  • Quick commissioning (1 week only) and fast start-up time due to cross-flow membranes