Organic or inorganic membranes are used in the proprietary processes to construct water treatment plants.
The technology offers several advantages:

  • Minimized membrane surface fouling
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Effortless cleaning procedure with long intervals in between cleanings
  • Substantial extended membrane life time 



The “MarinePaq” is a compact turnkey systems for installation in ports or on board larger vessels to treat contaminated wash water from exhaust gas cleaning with scrubber techniques. “MarinePaq” meets all international environmental standards on water purification.


Compact Waste Water Treatment - WaterPaq

The “WaterPaq” combines high performance and low operational expenses on a remarkably small footprint. Containerized wastewater treatment plants can handle from 10 m³/day up to 120 m³/day. Depending on the plant capacity, the process technology is housed into one or two ISO containers. Remote control with the same screen interface as the on-board maintenance control unit.


Industrial Waste Water Treatment - PrePaq

The “PrePaq” is ideally suited for treating wastewater with high TSS (total suspended solids) and in some cases, high TDS (total dissolved solids). Subsequent treatments, such as membrane filtration, become more efficient, and the membrane’s life is extended. Should chemicals be required in a specific application, the amounts of chemical additives are substantially reduced. Therefore, “PrePaq” operates with a low energy consumption.



“LeachPaq” is the complete, on-site leachate treatment solution. Since no two leachates are the same, and the leachate landfill load can vary over the course of time, Apateq applies either membrane bioreactor or ultra-filtration/reverse osmosis technologies. To create customer savings and ensure short lead times, Apateq utilizes a modular-system-approach to standardize each “LeachPaq”. For turn-key operation, the fully automated “LeachPaq” is delivered skid mounted or containerized.