APATEQ delivers pilot plant for testing treatment of various water sources in Mörbylånga municipality

Presentation of a unique water treatment plant (pilot plant), designed for treatment of waste water from a slaughter industry, brackish waters and fresh water from wells of various qualities.
In brief, the method involves simultaneous treatment of three types of water in one compact plant: 

1. Process water - waste water - from the municipality's largest industry (and also largest water consumer) 

2. Raw water from different watercourses of different grades 

3. Brackish water collected by infiltration into wells drilled near shoreline. 

After purification, a clean water of high quality is obtained which the industry can reuse directly and also supply the municipal waterworks.
The pilot plant, which is installed in a 20’ container, can be adapted in order to treat various kinds of water. The plant is possible to rent.